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"At its best, work seems never-ending only because, like life, it is a pilgrimage, a journey in which we progress not only through the world but through stages of understanding. Good work, done well for the right reasons and with an end in mind, has always been a sign, in most human traditions, of an inner and outer maturity. Its achievement is celebrated as an individual triumph and a gift to our societies. A very hard-won arrival."

— David Whyte, Crossing the Unknown Sea



Coaching for leadership, professional and personal growth. Strategic thought partnership to define, design and solve for any purposeful problem or need; Holding every person as fundamentally worthy, creative and resourceful, and every experience as an opportunity to learn and grow.



 Inclusive, human-centered stakeholder and community engagement; Collaborative team formation, operating agreements and processes; Participatory problem-solving, design thinking and skillful, engaged learning design at the scale you need.



Defining, designing and executing generative and purposeful work and problem-solving at any scale. Stakeholder analysis, mapping and engagement; Mindful consideration of the system at every level. Keeping people and processes at the center.

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