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Introducing #1minsketch - ask me and you'll get... something :)

Those who know me well will tell you I typically carry a pen (or three) and index cards and am often making marks to help me listen, think, sense-make, focus and process.

In recent weeks, a new iPad, a fancy stylus and pandemic malaise have inspired me to advance my mark-making habit.

At the end of my bio you'll see: She will draw you a stick figure version of anything you request. This is true.

Thus, welcome to #1minsketch

Just tweet me @ShelleyPaul2C using hashtag #1minsketch and I will respond post haste (unless asleep or underwater) with a rendering (please keep requests clean).

And to start things off.... here are three examples requested by my mother who indulges me even at midlife ... drunken hedgehog, the Titanic and the Lincoln Memorial. You guess which is which.

I make no promises about your satisfaction, but I do guarantee a moment of delight ;)

Be kind. Just generally.



#showyourwork #1minsketch #imakemarks #drawtothink

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