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Mucking Around with Miro for Creative Collaboration

A few months ago, when the planet suddenly tilted past 23°, my partner Mary and I were creatively compelled to pivot an in-progress F2F design project into a virtual one. So, we did what we do best.... said yes... and started building, prototyping and iterating in #Miro to develop an environment in which we could fully and generatively engage our remote team across multiple work sessions. For me, this was a new experience.

It was a gloriously messy and successful effort (more on that soon). You can see plainly we are "pipe-cleaner people," even in our digital canvas.

Miro has quickly become a go to environment for me to learn, process, solve and sense-make with clients. In the past two weeks, I've used it to design and facilitate a school leadership team's year in review, help a new senior leader develop a rapid self-onboarding strategy for an unexpected promotion, and facilitate a coaching conversation around a fellow entrepreneur's business development strategy.

I'm low-key obsessed and not sorry. I'm eager to learn how others are hacking virtual workspaces, to collaborate and to share this magic with purposeful people.

#showyourwork #onlinebydesign #facilitation #designthinking

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